Natural slopes – 1.3

Version 1.3 is mostly about fixes, either directly, or by easing the use of the library. These come with an update for Hades Revisited and Minetest Game. The natural slopes are now hidden in the creative inventory and the textures are correctly aligned. Beside this, mining tools can now shape slopes with their secondary use.

This update allows to play with the latest version of Hades Revisited, which brought some breaking changes with the growth of grass.

About the library, some fixes were made:

To keep colors, a new parameter can be passed upon registration to convert a palette of 256 colors to one of 8 colors. By default the first 8 colors are mapped. For more extended palettes, the conversion allows to control which colors are lost.

And to ease the registration of slopes, some default parameters can be registered. Especially to handle dropping the original node when nothing is defined, adding parameters to textures or adding or removing groups.