Cup'n Plate Games is a small amateur indy game studio. Rooted in the games from the 90' and the arcade world.


Block Around

A 360┬░ block breaker with scoring mechanics. Collect the keys and warp yourself to the next level.

Block Around is an evolution of the good old brick breakers, while keeping its arcade spirit. The paddle can move freely around the screen in every directions, but the ball can exit through any side of the screen.

Warzone2100: Battleplan

A competitive multiplayer mod for Warzone 2100. It keeps some basic design concepts from the original game, but simplifies them. Build your tanks from 4 propulsion types, 12 bodies and 33 turrets, and throw them into the battle.

Minetest mods

Natural slopes

Add some stair-like nodes from soft ground nodes (sand, dirt, gravel...) that may change shape automatically according to their surroundings.