Natural slopes – 1.1

Map generation fixes

About map generation, the slope generation is done last (minetest.register_on_generated is called within minetest.on_mods_loaded) and this behaviour can be disabled by calling naturalslopes.set_manual_map_generation(). Then you can call the update functions from other mods to control everything.

The edge of areas are now updated using the progressive method, which was sped up a bit with fast cpu. Even if the progressive update tries not to include a lot of lag by doing things, well, progressively, it's still more than nothing and may be slow with a lot of players exploring the map.

Chance factors

The slope registration was extended with chance factors. You can define a factor for each update type, either for map generation, stomping, with time or when digging and placing. This allows for example to have smooth stones on generation that doesn't chip easily when walking over them or that "breaks" easily when an other node is dug nearby.

External registration

The registration can also be done from other mods, unchanging the node name prefix. Use naturalslopeslib.get_slope_defs to get the definitions to use with minetest.register_node and link them with naturalslopeslib.set_slopes. An example is provided in the documentation. The one-line automatic registration from within naturalslopeslib is still available.