Battleplan for Warzone 2100

Battleplan is a competitive multiplayer mod for Warzone 2100. While keeping some basic concepts from the original game, it changes how thoses concepts are used.

With 4 propulsion types, an array of 4x3 bodies and 7x3 weapons plus 7 support turrets, Warzone Battleplan has more than a thousand of possible units. This is far less than the original game, but in fact a regular game will probably shows around a dozen of units (but not the same from a game to an other). Battleplan focuses more on which design could help in a given situation and how to take advantage of the available units.

The vehicule conception screen

Battleplans aims to get straight to the fundamentals. It should be playable for a game of 5 to 20 minutes, with a reduced and simplified tech tree. This mod provides more choices directly from start and add subtilities by giving each combinaison their strengths and weaknesses.

Three vehicules of different sizes

Read more about the mod on its dedicated site.