Block Around – Alpha 2

One week after the first release, the alpha 2 is out. The home edition is getting some enhancements, while the first alpha was mostly a proof of concept for the arcade gameplay (but still single player with the mouse). Some visual enhancements are also included and a stripped web demo is available just to get an idea of the gameplay in one click.

A few gameplay elements were adjusted: the extra-life scores were stepped down a bit and the back paddle hit was introduced (hitting the paddle from the back doesn't reset your combo chain). Those makes the game a little easier while introducing and advanced playstyle. Scoring will still change a bit when end of level bonuses are included.

Visual enhancements

Visually, the ball now has a trail (not included in the web demo) that makes its trajectory more visual and helps to see when the ball is attracted. The starting screens were reworked, with visual credits and the title screen changes when you unlock new levels.

User's profile

Your own progression is now saved into profiles, the next step would be to add achievements to them. Those will add a few challenges outside clearing all levels or boldly competing for the hi-score.