Block Around – Alpha 9

A few updates to smooth the game a little and manage scores according to the current difficulty.

Score and difficulty

Scores are now the same between the different difficulties. To keep them comparable, they are registered separately.

Same goes for achievements. The difficulty is shown along the achievement and only the hardest one is kept.

The score attack mode was smoothed a little too, with the Retry button at the end of the level which avoids returning to the stage select screen and gain a significative time for try-harding.

Other changes

Levels 1-2, 1-3 and 2-1 were reviewed in a new attempt in making something more interesting to play while keeping an increasing difficulty along levels. Nothing definitive though. The fine tuning will happen during the beta stage.

A special level was added to familiarise with the control. This level is completely closed and the ball doesn't speed up to let you handle the controls and check how the ball bounces.

And some discreet changes with the more contrasted key color on key blocks. The sound when breaking a normal block is now pitched according to the combo chain, to better understand it's use and the cap at 10.