Block Around – Alpha 5

Yet an other gameplay change, but not as big as the previous one (or, is it?). No need to place paddles anymore. Like in any block breaker, the ball bounces on yourself.

The previous gameplay was set due to some limitation about movements and crossing the ball. While the result is still awkward when you do, it is not stuck anymore. The first button now simply disable the collision while hold. And for more intuitive movements, when moving fast, the collision is automatically disabled.

These changes come with the support for keyboard and gamepad. Well, they were already there previously (except analog stick), but it was hardly playable. The gamepad gameplay was thought to be a bit different from the one with the mouse, but this release closes the gap between the two.

While there is still no way to remap buttons, an option to adjust the mouse sensitivity was added. And just a few visual effects when bouncing the ball.

Still no new level this time, but the world 2 is on the way (at least the first stage).